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Ask your nephrologist about the NANI PD Program, MIDWEST KIDNEY CENTER

What is Peritoneal Dialysis?

Peritoneal dialysis, or PD, is a way to remove waste products from your blood when your kidneys can no longer do the job adequately. The treatment uses the inner lining of your belly (peritoneum) as a filter.

A sterile fluid flows through a tube into part of your abdomen and filters waste from your blood. While you go about your day, the fluid will collect wastes and water. Later, the fluid with filtered waste is removed from your abdomen and discarded.

Unlike hemodialysis in a center, you can give yourself peritoneal dialysis treatments at home, at work or while traveling.

If you are a candidate for PD home dialysis, the Midwest Kidney Center PD nurses will work with you to learn how to receive treatments at home.

Is Home Dialysis for me?

You’ll need to learn to

  • Create a clean environment at home for your exchanges
  • Take care of your catheter and exit site
  • Use the cycler machine with a partner
  • Order and store your supplies at home
  • Take your blood pressure
  • Take your blood pressure
  • Keep accurate treatment logs
  • Identify problems and know when to call your doctor

“They help you so much from social workers from the nurses from Bas and the doctor. They never sugar coated nothing and told me the truth.” -Eric

“I like PD because I don’t have to come in all the time and the schedule is not as strict. It is wonderful, and I love it.” -Pam

How do I get started?

First, discuss whether you are a good candidate for home dialysis with your kidney doctor. Once you decide to get started on PD, you’ll have a special catheter put in with an outpatient procedure. Then, you will go to two weeks of intensive training with an experienced PD nurse to learn all you need to know to do PD at home. Once you are done with training, you will only go to the clinic about once each month for a blood test and to meet with your care team, which will include your physician, nurse, nutritionist and social worker.

Someone from your care team will be available 24 hours a day, if you ever need help.

“Whenever I need to call them about anything, they are always available. If I need medication or am running low on supplies, they are always there to help me.” -Pam

Why Home Dialysis?

People who dialyze at home using therapies like Peritoneal Dialysis often feel more in control and they have more freedom to keep up their work and routines.

Peritoneal Dialysis is

  • Needle-free
  • Portable for travel
  • Offers a flexible schedule

“With PD I don’t feel drained and I can do the things that I want to do. I can travel. I go to Great America. It’s tiring but I used to do it before so why stop now. I’ve also travelled to Texas. I take care of my father every day. He always has doctors’ appointments, so I try to be there for him.” -Pam

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