Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana

Experts in Kidney Care

We are committed to offer a wide range of kidney treatments and patient support through our physician network and affiliate facilities. NANI has over 140 providers that deliver comprehensive, high-quality kidney care to our patients.

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Find a Kidney Doctor

The first step is to find a nephrologist, a doctor who specializes in kidney care. NANI is recognized as an industry leader aiming to deliver the highest-quality renal care. Use our provider search tool to find a kidney doctor near you.
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Living With Kidney Disease

When your kidneys face ongoing strain, their ability to filter waste, regulate minerals and release hormones decreases. Learn more about how your kidneys work and why they are so important.
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Treatment Options

Learn about treatments for kidney failure and find support. Your kidney doctor will discuss the best options to deliver best health outcomes.
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Kidney Transplant

If you need a kidney transplant, you must first be evaluated for a transplant by a transplant center. NANI’s Transplant Coordinator works directly with patients, NANI physicians, and the local transplant centers, to assist with placement of newly referred patients and follow up of patients.
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Expertise With Experience

Each patient who comes to NANI will receive the best care, as an individual. NANI nephrologists and advanced practice clinicians are trained professionals in caring for kidney disease patients.

Our practices have the most experienced nephrologists, nurse practitioners and office staff, providing the most advanced treatment therapies. Our physicians work with all members of the care team to partner with patients on earlier identification of alternative modalities, slowing of disease progression and improved clinical outcomes.

NANI nephrologists are committed to providing high quality comprehensive kidney health care. You can find a nephrologist in Chicago and the surrounding areas, as well as Indiana & New Jersey.

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