Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana
NANI Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana

About Us

Who Is NANI?

NANI is a private medical practice, providing the best in kidney care since 1968. There are more than 140 nephrology specialty physicians who are part of the group. In Illinois, we provide care in Chicago and all around the Chicago area. In Indiana, we provide care in the Merrillville area, Fort Wayne area and Indianapolis area. We also have locations in New Jersey and are quickly growing to serve kidney patients in other states. To connect with a NANI doctor, search here [find a doctor]. To connect with administration or office staff, use the information below.

Serving You Close to Home

NANI doctors and staff care for people with kidney disease, kidney injury and uncontrolled hypertension. We are the largest nephrology group practice in the U.S., but you will meet with your NANI doctor in a familiar medical office and have confidence knowing that he or she is part of a nationally recognized medical group.

Experts in Kidney Care

Nephrologists are Internal Medicine physicians who specialize in kidney health and the renal system. They care for patients who have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), kidney failure (ESRD), genetic kidney disorders like FSGS, kidney stones, kidney infections, before and after kidney transplant and related conditions, like persistent high blood pressure.

Affiliated Services

NANI is always adding patient services for better and more convenient treatment. We stay on the cutting edge of our profession with new clinical research techniques, the latest in value based care and professional leadership.

Tower Physician Solutions

Practice management and strategic consulting for nephrology practices.

NANI Vascular

Outpatient surgery centers in Illinois and Indiana for vascular access care and procedures by NANI physicians.

NANI Clinical Research

Patients and physicians work together to advance the field of Nephrology.

Physician Training

ASDIN-certified Interventional Nephrology training program UChicago Medicine partnership for Fellowship rotation.

Practice Leadership

The NANI Success Story

NANI is the largest Nephrology practice in the United States and nationally recognized. For almost 50 years, NANI doctors have been leaders in Nephrology. Pioneers for our patients.

It was 1968 when the field of nephrology was just developing and the doctors who founded Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana (NANI) Just a few years later, Arthur Morris, MD and Paul Balter, MD joined the original founders, and they remain with NANI today. Since then, the group has grown to offer patient services from hospitals to physician offices and from labs to dialysis centers. We have added locations and doctors for our patients all around Chicago and northern Illinois, throughout northern and central Indiana, in New Jersey, and soon, in other states.

Patient care close to home

In 1968, the founders of West Suburban Kidney Center (WSKC), Robert Muehrcke, M.D., Joseph Moles, M.D. and Arthur Gene Lawrence, M.D., created a new model for dialysis in Oak Park, Illinois that later became NANI. Their community dialysis centers were outside of the hospital, close to patients’ homes and in a safe medical environment. WSKC established the first mobile dialysis unit for Acute Kidney Disease patients staying at many area hospitals.

“When he founded WSKC/NANI, Dr. Muehrcke’s insight was that dialysis should be performed at non-hospital sites in the patient’s community” says Dr. Arthur Morris, NANI President. “This solved the hospital capacity problem, but required the doctors involved to establish a new business model independent of hospital infrastructure and funding”

In 1976 NANI was formed and began hiring nephrologists to staff its growing number of dialysis centers in the Chicago area. Later that year, NANI established its first dialysis center in Indiana. Eventually, NANI physician offices opened all across northern Illinois, in the northern Indiana communities near Merrillville and Fort Wayne and in the Indianapolis area of Indiana.

Our service offerings provide continuity of care for our patients. They include physician care for early stages of kidney disease, late-stage dialysis treatments, home dialysis training and support, pre- and post-transplant care, vascular access surgery and cutting-edge procedures, lab services, clinical research and close relationships with many patient support organizations.

Today we honor our past but drive forward in the changing climate of Medicine, striving for excellence in patient care. We are proud to be leaders in Nephrology for our patients.

NANI Leadership

Arthur Morris, MD President

Arthur Morris, MD

Brian J. O’Dea, CPA Chief Executive Officer

Brian J. O’Dea
Chief Executive Officer

Manish Tanna, MD, Medical Director, Population Health

Manish Tanna, MD,
Medical Director,
Population Health 

NANI Sue Weyforth Senior Director Clinical Operations

Sue Weyforth,
Vice President of Clinical Operations

Scott Carbon  Vice President of Finance

Scott Carbon
Vice President of Finance


NANI Krass Andy VP Vascular Surgical Services

Andrew Krass,
VP Vascular and Surgical Services

Heather Dague, MD Information Services Director

Heather Dague, MD
Vice President, Technology and Quality Programs

Antone Crasto VP Strategy and Development

Antone Crasto
Tower Physician Solutions
Chief Executive Officer

Nancy Cipparrone, Director of Research

Nancy Cipparrone
Director of Research

Stephanie Knispel Revenue Cycle Director

Stephanie Knispel
Director of Revenue Cycle

Board of Directors

Gautam Bhanushali, MD
Ravi Damaraju, MD
John Ducker, MD
Tom Golubski, MD
Arthur M. Morris, MD
Brian J. O'Dea, CEO
Raju Ray, MD
Naveen Reddy, MD
Madhavi Ryali, MD
Manish Tanna, MD
Abraham Thomas, MD
Katrina Wright, MD
Emeritus: George Dunea MD
Emeritus: Ashutosh Gupta MD
Emeritus: Michael Carbon MD