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Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana is honored to host House Speaker and 7 th District State Representative Emanuel “Chris” Welch and Oak Brook Government Leaders to discuss community healthcare delivery systems and to develop a dialogue to promote a shared understanding of future challenges.


Oak Brook-based Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana (NANI) hosted a health care summit with Illinois House Speaker and 7 th District State Representative Emanuel “Chris” Welch and Oak Brook Government leaders at NANI’s Oak Brook office on March 17, 2023.

Speaker Welch was welcomed by NANI founder Dr. Arthur Morris and NANI CEO Brian O’Dea, as well as Village of Oak Brook Trustees Asif Yusuf and Edward Tiesenga, for a discussion of critical issues facing health care providers delivering care for members of our communities with kidney disease, and those requiring ongoing kidney dialysis. NANI’s Executive Committee participated in a presentation including an extended review of delivery systems, compensation models, and the role of federal and state government funding mechanisms to ensure quality care.

“We were delighted to meet Speaker Welch, and grateful for the opportunity to engage with him, and to find that NANI’s early days located in Oak Park and Forest Park are now in Speaker Welch’s district, which also now extends into Eastern Oak Brook in DuPage County,” said Dr. Morris.

Brian O’Dea added “We thank Oak Brook Trustee Asif Yusuf in particular for making this meeting possible, based on his good working relationship with the Speaker, whom we found to be remarkably attuned to our concerns, and personally familiar with the importance of renal dialysis care.” Trustee Yusuf noted that “Oak Brook is the home of multiple leading health care facilities and medical practice groups, and we enjoy the network effect of the relationships that add so much to our community. Speaker Welch is a key part of these relationships, and brings a lot to the table here today.” After meeting with the NANI Executive Committee, Welch then joined a group of about 50 NANI employees for a St. Patrick’s Day catered lunch of corned beef and cabbage. “NANI’s employees are a great group, and I was pleased to meet several of the members of my church on staff with NANI as we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon,” said Welch, and “I look forward to working with NANI and Oak Brook as a resource for information and insight as we continue to improve access and equity in our health care system here in Illinois.”

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NANI is the largest nephrology physician practice in the United States. Based in Oak Brook, Illinois, NANI is comprised of more than 170 physicians and nurse practitioners, specializing in comprehensive nephrology-related patient care. Since 1968, NANI has provided experience, innovation and reliability in kidney disease and blood pressure management. The group includes entities in Illinois, Indiana, and New Jersey. NANI also operates Tower Physician Services, a management services organization.
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